Instructional Videos and FAQ's

Tru Energy Skin Care

Instructional Videos and FAQ's

Welcome, and thank you again for purchasing Tru Energy!

We've created this page to help you better understand how to use the Tru Energy All-Natural FaceLift System so YOU can get great results.

Below, there are 3 videos to choose from:

Video #1 This is a full, detailed video that walks you step by step EXACTLY how to do the Tru Energy protocol. We suggest you watch this video first so you understand why and how each step in the protocol can make you look and feel younger. Video is 27 minutes long.

Video #2 This is the “Follow along” video that walks you through the protocol as you watch it. Set this one up on your tablet or computer and a mirror, and you'll be able to follow along yourself as Cathy walks you through the process. Video is 14 minutes long (Once you get the hang of doing the protocol on your own, the entire process should be 6 minutes)

Video #3 The FAQ. (Frequently Asked Questions) In this video, Cathy answers questions that have been submitted over the last few weeks by Tru Energy users just like you. It's about 21 minutes long, and has several questions and answers. We highly recommend you watch at least the first 4 ½ minutes of this video, as there is a very critical answer in there about creams. Some of the other questions we answer in this video:

  • How do I use all of the creams that came with the full system?
  • What creams should I use if I only bought the wand and not the full system?
  • How often should I do the protocol?
  • Should my Tru Energy wand “turn on” or make a noise or “do something”?

Thanks for watching, and we hope these videos have been helpful for you!


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